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Most common English words with examples 8


 Most Common Words in English (1-1000)

                  1000 Most Common Words in English          

Test your vocabulary Test your vocabulary


       Test your English vocabulary with this free level test. Test your knowledge of English with Spelling Words and Crossword. This website contains lists of the 1000 Most Common Words in English.

    Online Spelling Test :  Spelling games include typing games, word games with example sentences. Typing games primarily test typing skills, word games develop both vocabulary as well as spelling.

    Speaking:  It’s important for you to say the words and example sentences out loud when you are relaxed and not afraid of what other people will think. Practice will build confidence and that’s what you need if you want to be successful at speaking English

    Practice:  Practicing by speaking out loud or into the microphone is very important. Even if you don’t have a microphone or the software, say the words and example sentences out loud. Make your mouth and tongue form the words.

IMPORTANT:  Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking.

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